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Packit is going to be ready in the next few weeks. We’re just making sure it’s as good as it can be before we unleash it!

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Subscription Service

A simple, subscription-based music platform.

Packit is a Wordpress theme and set of instructions that show you how to set up your own subscription-based music site.

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  • Subscription

    Set up your own music membership system.

    Your fans subscribe, and pay you regularly, and you give subscribers instant access to your music, or your label’s releases.

  • Promotion

    Flip the promotion game on it’s head.

    Sick of having to promote every single release? What if you already had a group of fans, already paying you and ready to listen?

  • Profit

    Take 100% profit.

    Tired of having to split profits with distributors, stores & other middlemen?

    What if you could deal directly with paying fans, and instead of taking a tiny cut of the sales, you could take almost 100%?*

    * Paypal or credit card fees may apply, and of course, if you’re a label, you may be splitting payments with your artists.

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But, but, but...

  • But won’t this be lots of work to set up?

    There are a few basic steps to get it working, and we take you through them and explain everything step by step. We are also available to help you with anything that doesn’t make sense.

  • But won’t I need to spend ages doing admin and updates?

    If you already curate releases, or package your music up for sale, then it shouldn’t be any more work than normal. You create the release package, you upload it, fill in the details and then let your subscribers know. Simple!

  • But I’m not technically minded, I have no idea how to install a Wordpress theme.

    We are here to help, and are happy to make sure you get set up as easily as possible.

  • But I don’t have web hosting or a web address.

    We can recommend somewhere you can get those, and even offer discount. We’re also able to guide you through setting that up. It's all part of our documentation!

  • But I’m worried about how secure this will be.

    It will be as secure as we can make it. We will show you how to make sure that it’s safe, and that both your payment system and your music is secure.

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